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As the owner of Locus Health Centre, want to welcome you and share some of my bio for all of you. I graduated from Vancouver Career College Registered Massage Therapy (RMT) program in 2015 and come from an extensive sports background with a passion for treating sports injuries and helping people to get back to what they love. Definitely have experienced the taste of serious injuries as I have undergone 3 knee surgeries growing up playing competitive Soccer, which led me to choose a career pathway in Kinesiology and then transferring that knowledge to Registered Massage Therapy. Fair to say having experienced almost all kinds of common sports injuries can benefit my patients when it comes relating to them as to providing a great recovery program for my patients.

On the side Personal Training is one of my passions and hold a CSEP-Certified Personal Trainer. My goal is to help as many patients as possible to help them get back to their pain free activities of daily living whether that is sports or as simple as just brushing your teeth.


Sports Teams:

Currently sponsoring the Columbus FC Men’s Soccer team in the Division 1 of the VMSL as well as sponsoring the Norvan FC Men’s both Division 1 and Premier  league teams and also help various athletes from different sports anywhere from professional, varsity to amateur and recreational levels with injuries when needed. I also helped the UBC Men’s Soccer team with Sports Massage on a part time basis. Athletic taping and Kinesio taping are also part of my services! We are always looking to expand our services to various sports teams in the city. If you are looking for a therapist, please do not hesitate

to contact us at 

Thank you for choosing us. We will do our best to satisfy your goals.


Languages: English & Farsi



I strongly believe our bodies are amazing things. Capable of incredible feats in order to heal and function although at times it can need some assistance along the way in that healing process. My passion is being a part of that process, to bring about healing in as a holistic way as possible. The excitement of seeing the differences that are made after a massage treatment is what inspires me every day and makes me love what I do even more.

In treatment, I’m passionate about helping restore balance and function by concentrating on everything from soft tissue or muscle problems to joint dysfunctions. My approach is that of holistic balance, I believe that everything is connected. When one part or piece is out of balance then things are brought out of balance everywhere as well. An important step in this process for me is the energy or intent brought into the treatment. Along with the treatment, I will send you with home care activities that can be worked into a busy daily schedule and be a good stepping stone on the road to healing that we have begun.

I graduated from a 2,700 hour RMT program at Vancouver Career College in 2016. In order to be licensed I had taken the most in-depth and extensive examination process in North America. Towards the end of my program I had conducted a case study in which I worked with a patient with early symptoms of Rheumatoid Arthritis, to help maintain mobility and restore some of the lost fine motor movements in wrists and hands. My goals were to maintain function and postpone the signature deformities that occur with Rheumatoid Arthritis for as long as possible. In this time I have gained even a greater appreciation for the human body and its resilience.


Languages: English, Heiltsuk & Nuxalk


Olivia has a bachelor’s degree in Economics from University of British Columbia. After graduation, she successfully pursued a career in finance, reaching to a managerial position in one of the leading banks in Canada. While enjoying the career success, Olivia’s hard work ethic took a toll on her health. Believing that health comes before career in life, she decided to leave career in finance behind to manage and regain health. After extensive search, Olivia found and experienced the superior benefits of acupuncture and herbalogy’s holistic and balanced approach.

Growing confident in her journey of health with the help from Traditional Chinese Medicine, Olivia decided to study acupuncture and herbalogy at PCU College of Holistic Medicine herself. As a survival of a serious ailment, she wants to help others who are also in similar situations.

Olivia is a member of CTCMA (College of Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners and Acupuncturist of BC) and AIMI (American Integrative Medicine Institute) and also a Certified Skin and Body Therapist (Vancouver Community College). Believing that everyone is unique, she strives to find health management approach that caters to each individual. Olivia’s interests are in pain management, digestive disorders and skin disorders.





Jin’s little daughter was often sick from a very young age that the visits to the doctor’s office almost became a seasonal routine. While doctors did fine job caring for her daughter on case by case basis, Jin felt that the root causes were not being addressed. After a long and careful search for a holistic health management system on her daughter, Jin discovered Traditional Chinese Medicine. Since then, Jin’s family visits to doctors have become less frequent and healthier. What started as a search for her family’s better health management regiment, now has become a full-time career where she can help her bigger family, the community.

Jin graduated from PCU College of Holistic Medicine with Honors. While in school, she was recognized for her academic success and received Canada-BC Integrated Student Loan Award for three consecutive years. Jin focuses on Pain Management, Stress Management, Digestive Problems and Women’s health. As a Registered Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner, she looks forward to meeting and helping our community.

Languages: English, Korean








I Grow up in a Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) family, my father was a Qigong Therapist. Through his career, he helped a lot of people and I was fascinated by these traditional cultures and how wonderful he could turn people from bad to healthy. And now, TCM become the love of my life too.
I am a acupuncturist and hypnotherapist, and still finishing up my last year of Dr. of TCM program. Pain is my specialty. I have several techniques to treat all kinds of pain related issues from headache to sciatica pain, from stomach ache to sports injuries. I am so glad that I followed my father’s path, by doing something I love, meanwhile helping people relief from pain. how good is that!
Languages: English, Mandarin









I have always loved sports, as the mental effort of high performance required such intense concentration that in that moment, little else mattered. As such, I have spent most of the last 20 years in competition, first as a swimmer, then as an ultimate Frisbee player. I have tried to retire out of competition, but each time I try, I keep getting sucked back in. When I first graduated university, I thought I would eventually work as a clinician. As I started working as a Kinesiologist, I discovered that I love the job, and the challenges that come with modifying exercises for a huge variety of injuries.






Languages: English, Cantonese, A bit of Spanish







We are pleased to have Pedro joining our team from an extensive admin and digital marketing background with fluently speaking Portuguese and English. A hard working respectful individual which has been an important part of our journey since his arrival is motivated to help us improve more in his field of expertise. He enjoys Volleyball, watching Soccer and loves socializing with people on his spare time. Pedro is responsible for most of our admin work. For any inquiries please e-mail


Languages: English & Portuguese











Ana joins us on an extensive knowledge in communication, marketing and advertising with more than 8 years of experience. She enjoys working with people and contributing to a positive work environment. Ana believes that everything is built from inside to outside and that is why it is important for her to learn from every experience she faces in life and how each situation contributes to her personal and professional development.

She likes helping people, where she can relate to her good energy spirits by bringing a positive atmosphere. Ana believes with her smile and kindness are the fundamentals to make patients have a good experience when coming for their Massage Therapy sessions. She believes from positive individuality, a good society can be built.

We are pleased to have her on our team to help us in her field of expertise and also with our admin stuff.


Languages: English & Spanish